All You Need Are Good Girlfriends & A Whole Lot Of Love

Valentines day

Although I believe Valentine’s Day is the most overrated “holiday,” I got to thinking: Why do we celebrate a day that everyone dreads….or so they say.

As a hopeless romantic I feel like I should embody this day. Like if anything, this should be my FAVORITE day!…But it’s not. And I find myself being negative like everyone else and not understanding what today is about.

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But then last night I got to thinking about what today means to me. For me, it’s simple. Today is a reminder that we must always choose love. I believe everything is a choice. In the midst of negativity and darkness in the world, choose to be love and light.

Maybe you’re single like me and social media is trying to make you feel less-than for not having a significant other to gush about or maybe you do have someone but you’re not completely happy. Whatever the case may be, you can choose to celebrate in a different way.

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You can choose to be completely and madly in love with yourself. That’s such a euphoric feeling. You aren’t waiting for a text back, worried about your partner cheating, or compromising any of you needs in an unfulfilling relationship. You’re just at peace and the dust has finally settled and you can breathe again.

You can choose spend time with your girlfriends and laugh until the sun comes up. Gossip a little and may be even talk about how much you hate your ex but don’t waste your quality time with your friends being negative. Deepen that friendship and be in the moment.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate today, I hope you choose to be positive and optimistic.

We are only going to ever be this young once. So if you’re single, GOOD. Stay single for as long as you possible can and enjoy it! Because I don’t want you to wake up and have a midlife crisis and regret the things you should’ve done and the risks you should’ve taken.

I’m so grateful to be surrounded by such supportive, funny, loving, independent women! And some are super heroes in the forms of moms. They really don’t get enough credit.

So, here’s to you: The single girls, moms, strong, independent women and also the women who are afraid to speak up. Thank you for being my GALentine


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