Airport Chronicles: Part 2

I went to the bathroom on a plane. Don’t worry just number one. I’ve never felt more confined in my life! What if you couldn’t fit in the doorway?!?! Btw, I asked the male flight attendant that and he said I guess that would suck. Y’all, I think he’s flirting 😍

I hate when I go places alone. Like I have to ask random strangers common sense questions that I already know the answer to, but get nervous and sound like a moron and ask anyway. For instance: I said, “is this the bathroom?” WHEN CLEARLY IT SAID VACANT ON THE DOOR. Feel free to laugh and make fun of me. I deserve it. I don’t know who’s bright idea it was to let me live and venture into the world on my own but they should be fired.


One thought on “Airport Chronicles: Part 2

  1. Laughing, cute blog and yeah first class bathrooms are the way to go, you only share them with 16 ppl, this made me think of my TSA blog last week. Oh the joys of traveling.


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